How to Get Rodents Out of the Attic

Rodents are one of the most destructive animals you could ever hope to host in your house, wouldnt you agree? But your opinion doesnt matter. These nasty pests are going to make their way in one way or another. Rodents can easily chew through wooden walls, metal wires, and plastic and dont even get a starter on their defecating and disease problem. You wouldnt even know that they are living in your house until you hear noise from the wall or the roof. 

Generally, its either rats or squirrels. If you hear the noise in the day, its the squirrel. If its in the night, the rats are at play. So, how to remove them?


What most people turn to in the very beginning, are repellants. Theyll buy sound or light deterrents, a total waste of money. Others try to be creative and use ammonia rags or mothballs to repel them by sound. 

To be honest, they arent bothered by it that much. Youd be really surprised how much rodents can adapt for the sake of survival. These methods have successfully proved themselves to be very ineffective against rats and the kind.

Live Cage Trapping

For those who dont like to harm animals. You think that there might be babies in there, so thoughtful of you. Then this is certainly the best solution for you, live cage trapping. Rodents are pretty easy to trap. All you need to do is have the right size of cage and some bait. What matters most is the placement, and the pests have been captured. 

If youre going so far to protect them from harm, remember to inspect the house for babies and remove them by hand. Else, face the nasty smell when they die and rot. Mind you rodents have 6-20 off-springs in one litter, and the smell can be quite persistent. 

Extermination techniques

If you are sure that you are dealing with rats and nothing else then deploy these techniques. Snap traps and body traps have proved to be the most successful. Rats are the most successful mammals after us humans (they are in large numbers). Remove one or two, and soon another family will be your host. There is no end to them. With these bad boys and a little bit, you will soon be throwing the nuisances in the garbage can.

Exclusion method

If there are other rodents like squirrels, renting out your attic or basement. You first need to check the state laws before going lethal. Or you could just remove them and seal up the house.

Exclusion method for removing animals has proven to be most successful for almost any animals that infest on your property. Inspect the house properly, find out how are they getting in and out. Seal all the exits except the main one and use a one-way funnel or any trap there. The animal will come out but wont be able to re-enter.

Repair time

After the problem has been dealt with, its time to seal up the house. Use bolts and steel sheets the rodents made holes. Repair all the gaps and cracks for future proofing.

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