Is it legal for me to trap a rodent?

No other creature except a few reptiles, notable snakes or lizards, inspire such disgust in humans than rodents do. Rodents include a wide variety of little creatures, the most famous being the urban rats that dwell in the gutters and sewers, mice that live in little crevices in the wall like in Tom and Jerry, and squirrels that are as much liked for their beauty, are hated because they damage young plants unnecessarily. So if youre probably asking how to deal with such little pests, it must have crossed your mind to catch them. Is it entirely legal though?

 1.    Is trapping rodents ethical?

 Rodents, like most animals, act purely on instinct and as the rule of life dictates, will go where they find food and can procreate safely. This means that if you find rodents in your house, the main reason is that the rodent feels safe in your house since in that environment it virtually has no predators. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance to prioritize our well-being first, and since rodents are notorious for being carriers of disease, it is best to keep them out of your house.

2.    How are rodents lured into their traps?

Traps are set based on the rodent that youre after. For example, if youre looking to catch a mouse or a rat, it is best to use bait that you have noticed that the animal is generally fond of. This means that if you see the animal eating your cats food, then use that as bait. If youre looking to catch a squirrel, then its best to use things like nuts, grains, seeds, peanut butter, etc.

3.    How are the traps made?

Several different varieties of traps are made which cater to different behaviors of rodent. In all likeliness, it is always recommended not to use a glue trap, which is a pad with super-glue on it. When the animal steps onto it, it literally cannot move, and the animals mostly die of shock or hunger. Other traps which are famous and generally accepted are live-trap boxes. You place the bait inside these boxes, and when the rodent comes in, the box is designed to close the entrance automatically. This is done through the use of a lever that is misplaced when the rodent enters.

4.    Is trapping rodents legal?

As of yet, no animal law dictates that trapping rodents are an illegal activity. In every country, self-protection and defense from external threats come first. However, animal torture or abuse is a crime. Hence, the chances are that wherever you live, its legal to trap rodents if they are living in your house but highly illegal to harm them beyond necessary.

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